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January 01, 2007

Good Resolutions for 2007

  1. Finish my UFOs (again)
  2. Reduce my Knitting To-Do list
  3. Exercise
  4. Back to Low Carbs
  5. Get out of the house more often
  6. Be more patient and forgiving
  7. And of course... KFYS!

Conclusion:  It seems like I haven't been that good in 2006. My Good Resolutions for 2007 are similar to my last year ones, but my priorities are obviously different; Knitting is #1 on the list now which is not good, not good at all because I really NEED to get back in shape!  Doctor said so...

The treadmill is downstairs... Not far to go...  I am afraid, I am going to have to cut off some Knitting and Blogging, but that is a bad for a good, right?



Good resolutions all. I eat the low carb way as well.

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